Hi, my name is William B. Beaver
...also known as "BEAVER".

I started in landscape and maintenance in South Florida in 1959.

I specialize in custom landscape work.
When I meet with a client, I note the client's likes and dislikes, such as style: tropical, formal etc., and colors: from favorite colors to colors they dislike.

Each job is specifically designed to enhance the residence, restaurant, office complex, etc.

I'm very much into NATURE, including:
• Waterfalls and Fish Ponds
• Butterfly Gardens
• Prayer and Meditation Gardens

I've done landscape work in California and Washington State, across to Oklahoma, east to Pennsylvania, and south to North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

I love what I do, and what I have done...
I would love to do more.

See a slideshow of my work >>

Contact me: Beaver [at]
or call 954.520.2167